The IQR Difference

We go above and beyond growing your bottom line, or speed to market, or collecting an impressive network of experts – these are the obvious must-haves. Don’t be fooled by the conventional jargon you hear from other firms. And remember, when you work with IQR – you don’t just get a consultant, you get the entire IQR team!

How We Are Different

Here are just three reasons why IQR is different from other consulting firms:

  1. Experience! Experience! Experience! The team at IQR Consulting were selected for their real-world, industry experience from large privately-owned or publicly traded companies, major contract manufacturers and growing brands that bring innovation to the forefront. This exposure cannot be taught, and it is this experience that gives our clients an advantage above their competition.
  2. The professionals at IQR Consulting have the “heart of a teacher”. It’s important to us that you have full transparency in the process and fully understand the why and how of what we do. This empowers you to make educated decisions when it comes to regulatory and other compliance matters – with or without us.
  3. We have done it before and we have also seen the consequences of companies that have used consulting firms that were not the best fit. You cannot afford to choose the wrong consultant and we’ve helped clients through this difficult situation many times, unfortunately. Don’t repeat their mistake.


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